Dipol GmbH
Dipol GmbH
Dipol GmbH
Dipol GmbH
Dipol GmbH


  • Consolidation and warehouse service
  • Delivery of goods from the EU to Russia and Ukraine
  • Delivery of goods from Russia and Ukraine to the EU
  • International logistics
  • Groupage, specific goods / sensitive goods, piece property
  • Duty windings up
  • Special duty winding up of all kinds: Import registration as well as exportation registration, transit document T1, COACH NET TIR, CMR
  • Interruption of the transit procedure, storage of the product in the duty camp
  • On demand preservation of certificates, decisions and other documents with regard to the high-class control

The best location for freight ports/ important good harbours in Western Europe: Antwerpen, Rotterdam and Hamburg also cargo airports Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn and Frankfurt make it possible to operate in real time. The short distance to the highway makes a quick treatment of land traffic posible.

Additional services

We operate as an importer and exporter, international intertrader, sales representative etc.