Dipol GmbH
Dipol GmbH
Dipol GmbH
Dipol GmbH
Dipol GmbH



  • warehousing in usual and customs warehouse
  • logistics within the EU
  • transportation of goods from third countries to the EU
  • transportation of goods from the EU to third countries
  • groupage freight, specific freight, complete loads and contract freight
  • customs clearance in Germany: import, export, transit, registration of the procedure for the storage in customs warehouse
  • issuing of freight transport documents
  • applying for certificates, resolutions and other preferential documents or quality certification documents
  • fulfillment and outsourcing for importers, exporters, e-commerce


Our advantage is the optimal location in regard to the most important freight ports in Western Europe: Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg, but also cargo airports Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn and Frankfurt, which makes it possible to operate in real time. The short distance to the highway allows us the handling and controlling of land traffic on a timely basis.

Additional services

  • exporter
  • importer
  • trading agency
  • outsoursing partner for foreign trade activities
  • customs agent